Palmer's Massage Cream for Stretch Marks (125 ml)


Product comes in Palmer's Complete Stretch Care Marks Set, and is sold individually without a box**

Experiencing itchiness or discomfort associated with your growing belly? Try Palmer's Massage Oil for Stretch Marks, formulated with Lecithin to soothe itch and calm skin. This highly concentrated, rich formula boosts healthy collagen which is the building block of skin, while increasing the skin's elasticity and its ability to stretch – very important while pregnant - at the same time as being moisturizing and protecting.

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It's recommended that pregnant women begin using this special formula as soon as they know they're pregnant, to prevent as much damage as possible. It should be rubbed all over the stomach, hips, thighs and breasts to help prevent scarring. Ideal for use during pregnancy to help prevent stretch marks forming, as well as post pregnancy to fade any existing marks or scars.

How to Use

For daily protection all-over body, replace your normal body lotion with Palmer's Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks and apply top to toe morning and night.

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