Mustela No-Rinse Baby Cleansing Water (100ml)

This baby Cleansing water with avocado requires no rinsing. Micellar water gently cleans your baby's newborns and children's face, body and diaper area in just one step, leaving their skin soft with a trail of Mustela's unique baby scent.Its formula counts 98% ingredients of natural origin.

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It's rinse free and non-sticky and leaves baby's skin feeling soft and fresh and formula is vegan.

Ingredients: Avocado,  Allantaoin (a softener), Aloe vera leaf extracts to soothe the skin, Mild surfactants for gentle cleansing in order to prevent baby's skin and scalp from drying out.

How to Use

Step 1: Press a dollop on a cotton pad. 

Step 2: Gently cleanse your baby's body and and diaper area.

Step 3: No need to rinse!

Step 4: Throw away the cotton pad.