Morphe 35X0 Natural Flirt Artistry Palette

This 35 pan eyeshadow palette delivers the ultimate mix of shimmering nudes and blushing berry shades. The looks you can create are endless. 
(Finish: matte and shimmer)

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Row 1: Single Life, Across the Room, Come Here Often, Your Move, Hair Flip, Get the Digits, Eye Contact

Row 2: U Up?, Message Read, Major Seduction, Touchy Feely, Hard to Get, Body Language, Just Friends

Row 3: Met Online, Matchmaker, Double Tap, The Chase, Talk Feelings, Too Swoon, Slay the Field

Row 4: Charmer, Dating History, Kiss Me, Crushin’ Hard, Second Date, Show Some Skin, Let’s Snuggle

Row 5: Love Story, Over the Moon, Meet the Rents, Happy Ever After, Plus One, With this Bling, Make It Official