Daily Concepts Daily Detox Massage Brush

The Daily Detox Massage Brush is an exceptional skin preparation tool made for your everyday beauty and skincare routine. The bristles help stimulate your pores to which make it easier for your body to release toxins.

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The Daily Detox Massage Brush is made of naturally sourced bristles and massaging nodules, that are made to remove dead skin cells and increase blood flow and circulation. This brush is THE GO-TO Body Massage Brush for breaking down cellulite deposits, removing dry skin, and leaving your skin radiant and feeling baby soft!


Smooth (Safe and gentle for all skin types)


Strap: Polyester | Wood: Beechwood | Bristles: 100% Natural | Nodules: Synthetic Rubber

Pro Tip:

After using the Daily Detox Massage Brush, be sure to moisturize your body with a rich lotion or oil, to restore and hydrate your skin.

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  • Breaks down cellulite deposits while removing dry skin
  • Includes detoxifying nodules which help stimulate blood flow and circulation
  • NEVER tested on animals

Do not wet your Daily Detox Massage Brush.

Water may compromise the integrity of the bristles and their effectiveness. We recommend that you replace your dry brush every 4-6 months.

  • Use the Daily Detox Massage Brush on dry skin before your shower or bath.
  • Massage your skin, using the Daily Detox Massage Brush in a circular motion.