Colourpop Eye Shadow Palette - Lil Ray of Sunshine

Brighten up your look with Colorupop's first ever all matte, 9-pan eyeshadow palette! With a range of fun yellows and wearable warm toned shades, you won’t be able to put this palette down!

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Pressed powder shadow: Highly pigmented shadow that applies evenly and feels ultra-velvety and silky. this long wearing formula contains a unique combination of softer powders which adheres easily to the eyes, gives a soft focus effect, and blends smoothly and evenly.

Finish: matte

Shade: yellows/oranges, reds, browns, neutrals

Tips: Apply with your favorite shadow brushes. flat and firmer brushes will give the most color payoff. fluffier brushes are great for blending. use a small angled brush to line the eyes.

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