Alpha H Liquid Gold with 5% Glycolic Acid (30ml)

A skin treatment which utilises a state of the art, low pH delivery system to effectively diminish wrinkles, pigmentation and sun damage.This formula works like an ‘overnight facial’ to brighten and revitalise tired, ageing skin, and radically improve the appearance of the complexion. 

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The key to Liquid Gold’s effectiveness is the low pH delivery system utilised to help star ingredient Glycolic Acid penetrate into the deeper levels of the skin, stimulating it to resurface and rejuvenate. This treatment contains Glycolic Acid, a chemical exfoliant which works to shift dead skin cells from the surface of your skin by breaking down the glue which sticks the dead cells together, lifting them away effortlessly. This then reveals fresh, new skin, resulting in your complexion becoming more toned and luminous. It also contains Liquorice Extract to brighten, control oil production and minimise pores, and Silk Proteins to protect the skin against the elements, and prevent evaporative water loss thanks to its moisture-binding abilities.

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  • Apply Liquid Gold onto cleansed skin each alternate evening. 
  • Moisten a cotton pad with the solution and apply to the face, neck and décolletage. 
  • When the skin is touch-dry apply, you may apply your preferred Alpha-H moisturiser or serum. 
  • However, for an intensive treatment, we recommend that you do not follow with a moisturiser or serum.