Aceology Rose Quartz Gua Sha Facial Massager

Gua Sha boosts skin’s radiance and sculpts facial features. It minimizes oil production, unclogs pore, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and stimulates blood circulation.

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Aceology beauty tools are also beneficial for self-care and mindfulness.

Gua Sha will work most effectively with product already on your skin so that it can massage your facial tissue and in turn allow the key active ingredients from your skincare routine to better absorb deeper into the skin’s many beautiful layers. This is why it is recommended to use this tool after skincare. 

Each unique rose quartz has been ethically sourced and handmade so the stone coloring and pattern will vary for each gua sha.The Gua Sha is a handy tool for those prone to migraines and headaches and is said to address stagnant energy or ‘chi’ in the body.
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The different massages help to minimize oil production, unclogging pores and even lightening acne scars and preventing future breakouts.

Stimulates blood circulation and oxygenates the skin which plumps, firms, depuffs and smoothes skin. Used as part of a skincare routine, the ergonomically designed edges will also allow product to better absorb into the skin.

The Gua Sha helps to renew skin while soothing sinus pain, headaches and relaxing muscle tension. The lymphatic drainage massage speeds up the removal of toxins and waste in the blood.

Regularly using the Gua Sha lifting massage helps to firm and reduce fine lines and tighten skin while unclogging and refining pores.

  • Starting at the neck, massage the Gua Sha in a series of specific strokes upwards and outwards to help detoxify skin and improve tissue health by increasing circulation, restoring bounce and even reducing future breakouts.
  • Keeping the tool flat against the face, massage the serums into your skin .Repeat each stroke slowly with light to medium pressure 5-10 times, except the under-eye area where the pressure should be very light.