K18 Biomimetic Hairscience Leave in Molecular Hair Mask

Revolutionary Hair Mask. It's the Tiktok famous hair mask that was bagged by every girl in the planet. A first of its kind hair mask that reverse the damage done to the hair at a molecular level unlike other hair leave in masks that only acts superficially on the surface level just to add shine.
The K18 hair treatment repairs the keratin bonds in your hair using the K18 Peptide. This peptide transports amino acids (the building blocks of our hair, skin and nails) into the hair shaft to help repair damaged bonds. Its a great addition to your haircare arsenal if you have  dry, brittle hair damaged from dyeing, bleaching, heat styling, swimming and even UV rays. And  to beat this Bangladeshi summer and humid, nothing better than this one miracle product.

Its very easy to incorporate on your routine as well.

Now more into the science stuff. The patented K18Peptides™ penetrate deep into the hair shaft to repair broken keratin chains. Unlike the conventional hair care products that only affect the cuticle at superficial level, this mask repairs the hair down to its deepest layers. This deep repair means that damage can be combated and repaired in the long term.

The best part is, the more damaged your hair, the more remarkable the results.